Understanding Mental Health Conditions

Accepting  you may have a problems is the first step to seeking a cure.  You may choose to visit a doctor, a mental healthcare professional or try the self-help route first.  Whichever, the information in these pages will help you better understand and diagnose your illness or condition.

Professional Healthcare Practitioners

At Drayton Cottage Health & Wellbeing Centre, a group of professional counsellors and holistic therapists specialising in mental and general health issues are on hand to offer advice and support.  Ideally located in North Warwickshire near Nuneaton and serving Hinckley, Coventry, Leicester and Tamworth, Drayton Cottage is a private health and wellness centre.

Discreet & Private Help

When you choose to visit Drayton Cottage, you are assured of a professional and discreet consultation with one our practitioners.  Located in our private centre, client confidentiality is paramount.  All consultations are strictly by appointment only and we safeguard the identity of all who visit.

Initial Consultations

Your initial consultation will be conducted by telephone to ensure the best support is offered and we so we can recommend the practitioner who best suited to help you.

Self Help

You may prefer the self-help route to begin with.



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What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis comes from the Greek ‘hypnos’ meaning sleep, however, during hypnosis the client does not fall asleep. The phenomenon of hypnosis can be described as ‘bypassing the critical faculty of the conscious mind so as to allow direct communication with the subconscious’. Some scholars have chosen to define it as a highly focus

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety shows itself in a number of ways.  You may have a feeling of unease.  This could be worry or fear that can be mild or severe.  Anxiety affects most people at some time or another and it can last for any length of time.  For most of us it passes quickly.  Anxiety is a normal and necessary emot
Couples Mediation

Are you in conflict with your ex-partner or spouse?

The effects of separation can be devasting. Tens of thousands of estranged couples experience disputes following the breakdown of a relationship.  Resolving these issues for many is an extremely stressful time especially where children are involved. Traditional resolutions generally req

What is depression?

Depression is very common but can be hard to detect.  It can show itself in many ways including feeling low or sad. You may experience a sense of hopelessness or impending doom. Many people will recognise these feelings and feel depressed at times but for most of us it is a temporary state and for others these feeling
What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Most people have an idea that Yoga is contorting the body into impossible shapes and positions. However, moving the body into positions (called asanas) is only one part of Yoga. Another major element of a yoga class is the way the mind can de-stress and you can feel a sense of cal