Carol Muir – Professional Counsellor

Carol is an experienced counsellor , supporting people through the problems they encounter in their lives from time to time has been the cornerstone of her work as a mental health and social care professional for well over 25 years. She trained and qualified as a person centred counsellor, mental health professional, massage therapist, Tai Chi and Yoga teacher.

Living in a world that constantly bombards us with too many demands and responsibilities can affect even the most resilient amongst us.  Stress can be experienced in the body, mind and in every day activities and relationships. This in affects our wellbeing and  quality of life.  Problems we normally take in our stride can seem like mountains that are just too high to climb.  It is at these times seeking help from others is a wise and very worthwhile solution.  Finding the right person to support, or walk part of that journey with you can help you make sense of the complex thoughts and feelings that may race through your mind at these times.  Counselling, relaxation techniques and support is key to developing the clarity you need. A genuine listening ear, with a non judgemental attitude gives you the opportunity to “see the wood for the trees” as you work towards finding a solution to your problem. Helping you to explore and unravel the complex thoughts, emotions and feelings that you experience is where I can help. You will have complete confidence to explore any thoughts, feelings and new ways of coping, knowing they will be understood, respected and remain in total confidence.

As a counsellor and member of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) and BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and a registered teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) she helps people to overcome life’s difficulties.  Working as a mental health professional and as a Yoga and Tai Chi teacher for many years has brought about a great deal of experience of how the body holds emotions in the form of pain and tension.  Experience in counselling and body work helps people to finds ways to cope with stress, addictions, anxiety and many other complex issues and to support them back to a place where they feel imbalance once more and better able to take things in their stride as they did before.

Carol offers short and long term face to face counselling and talking therapy sessions and also one to one or group work sessions to develop relaxation techniques or to release deep stuck emotions from the body.  See Carol on the BACP (Governing Body) directory (Click Here)