Jeremy Howells
Jeremy Howells

Jeremy Howells

Hello, my name is Jerry and I work within the specialist field of mediation and coaching for individuals and couples.   I help people to work through issues involving relationship breakdown and support them on the journey towards independent living.  As a mediator, I work with couples to help them find solutions for their disputes or conflicts and remove the need for costly legal and court proceedings and on average save up to 75% of the potential costs of a solicitor.

I work from Drayton Cottage Health & Wellbeing Centre near Nuneaton as well as operating my practice, the Family Mediation & Counselling Service from there and at other locations throughout Warwickshire and Leicestershire. For more information Click Here

For many years I have worked with people, helping them to solve problems, seek solutions for more positive life experiences and to help them to fulfil their dreams.  My experience is drawn from many years working in business and personal development.  For the past fifteen years I have worked extensively within healthcare both in the public and private sector and people have been at the heart of my work.

Coaching has played a big part throughout my career.  Working with people to overcome their fears and trepidations as they face change and uncertainty.  Helping to find effective ways for people to develop as individuals whether they are facing problems or simply trying to get on in life.

Relationship breakdown is unfortunately, a factor in many people’s lives these days.  Whilst there are less people getting married, there has been a sharp increase in couples co-habiting however, the rate of relationship breakdown is still very high.  More people above the age of 44 years old are facing a relationship breakdown.  This can be a daunting prospect but fortunately help is available to both men and women at all stages of the process.

Mediation is becoming more and more popular as a means for finding solutions to disagreements and disputes.  The breakdown of relationship can be an extremely costly affair.  Traditionally, each party engages their own legal presentation in the form of a solicitor.  Solicitors will advise them of their rights and set certain expectations and so the battle can often begin.  There are numerous problems with this method including cost, time and the amount of stress it places on both people and their children.  Mediation, significantly reduces the cost (on average by up to 75%), it can a great deal less time to find resolutions so both parties can agree a way forward and it reduces stress and pressure because it is quicker to resolve and costs less money.

Following the breakdown of a relationship and adjusting to single life, dealing with the day to day issues can be extremely stressful.  What I offer is support, both practical and emotional, to help you begin to function effectively.